The specific time frame as to when the Committee will make its recommendation to the Oceanport of Education has yet to be determined.

This will be one of the first decisions that the Working Group will need to address once the group is fully established.

That said, due to the minimum necessary improvements that will be required, there is a general consensus that the final recommendation of the Committee will require a referendum vote by the residents of Oceanport and Sea Bright. The possible referendum dates are as follows:

  • November, 2016
  • December, 2016
  • March, 2017
  • November, 2017
  • December, 2017

Given the timing of the US Presidential Election, November, 2016 is generally not thought of as a good option. Therefore, the first real potential referendum date for the Committee to consider would be December, 2016.

This page will be updated as the Committee makes progress on their referendum.