Committee Structure

The Committee is comprised of three main groups: Board Mebers, Administrators & Teachers and Community Members.

In it’s original design, the Committee was originally divided into two groups: a Working Group and an Advisory Group. However, as the Committee began there was little differentiation between the two groups and everyone continue to meet as an entire group.

The Ad-Hoc Committee is structured as Follows:

  • 4-5 Working Group Community Members – With with direct experience in Engineering & Infrastructure, Finance, Community Relations & PR, Education & Learning Environments.
  • 4-6 Advisory Community Members – As community advocates, including a mix of parents of students past and present, community members who have no children in school (but pay taxes), and a variety of age demographics that will represent the residents of Oceanport and Sea Bright.
  • 2 Teacher Representatives – One from Wolf Hill and one from Maple Place.
  • The Principals of Wolf Hill & Maple Place Schools
  • The Mayor or Council of Oceanport (or their designee)
  • The Mayor or Council of Sea Bright (or their designee)
  • 1 Member from the Oceanport Planning/Zoning Board
  • 1 Member from the Oceanport Police Department
  • The Oceanport Director of Emergency Management
  • 1 Member from the Oceanport PTO