Committee Structure

The Committee is comprised of three main groups: The Leadership Group,  The Working Group and The Advisory Group.

The Leadership Group is comprised of Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Wible. Their role is to structure, organize and coordinate the overall Committee and will actively participate in both the Working and Advisory Groups. Mr. Carpenter will be an overall liaison to the Oceanport Board of Education and Mr. Wible will be an overall liaison to the public.

The Working Group will be responsible for creating and vetting possible recommendations to the Advisory Group. The Working Group will do this with the help of professionals hired by the Oceanport Board of Education, however, it will be their responsibility to manage and examine all aspects of any recommendation. To that end, the Working Group will be comprised of 4 to 5 community members that will represent one or more disciplines including Engineering & Infrastructure, Finance, Community Relations & PR, Education & Learning Environments. It is the expectation that each member of the Working Group will have direct experience within their area of expertise, be willing to contribute significant time to this project, including an ability to attend meetings both during the day and evening and will be able to travel to meetings with state agencies, such as the NJ Department of Education.

The Advisory Group will be a broader group that will be responsible for community engagement with their designated constituents. They will need to discuss potential recommendations from the Working Group with the community and provide detailed on-going, community-based, feedback to the Working Group. The members of this group will be expected to engage with their communities and attend community meetings in the evenings. Members of the Advisory Group are not required to have professional experience in any particular area of expertise, but instead, be engaged with a broad cross-section of the community. The initial Advisory Group will be structured as follows:

  • 4-6 Community Members – Ideally this will include a mix of parents of students past and present, community members who have no children in school (but pay taxes), and a variety of age demographics that will represent the residents of Oceanport and Sea Bright.
  • 2 Teacher Representatives – One from Wolf Hill and one from Maple Place.
  • The Principals of Wolf Hill & Maple Place Schools
  • The Mayor or Council of Oceanport (or their designee)
  • The Mayor or Council of Sea Bright (or their designee)
  • 1 Member from the Oceanport Planning/Zoning Board
  • 1 Member from the Oceanport Police Department
  • The Oceanport Director of Emergency Management
  • 1 Member from the Oceanport PTO

We believe that through a strong Working Group and and a strong Advisory group the final recommendation to the Board of Education will be thoroughly vetted and supported by the community.