Getting Started

Welcome to the Oceanport School Project. Officially, we’re the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Oceanport Board of Education to Improve Our School Infrastructure, but since that’s way too long, we’ll go with the shorter of the two options.

More to the point, we decided to call it the “Oceanport School Project” and not something such as “New Schools for Oceanport” or “The Oceanport School Referendum” because we felt it was more reflective of what we’re trying to accomplish.

There is no question that we need to improve the physical infrastructure of the Oceanport School District. But at the moment, that’s about where it starts and ends. While the school builds could use improvement we’re not sure if we want to demolish them and build new ones, or simply renovate the facilities that exist today. So instead of picking a name that might lean towards one particular outcome, we figured we would keep it simple and to the point.

This Committee will become a community group that has been tasked with making a recommendation to the Oceanport Board of Education as to how to best fix our school infrastructure. During the process, we’re going to look at every idea, re-visit the old ones, come up with some new ones, engage with the community and then make a recommendation.

As an Ad-Hoc Committee we have different restrictions than the Board of Education itself. We can, and will, disclose information faster. We can, and will, engage with the public in a free-form dialogue. We can, and will, engage on Facebook and social media. We can, and will, talk with neighbors and at community events. And we can, and will, meet more frequently in both public and private settings to solicit feedback from every aspect of the community.

The goal is simple: if someone has an idea about how to improve our school infrastructure it should be shared, researched, and vetted at which point it should either be pursued or set aside and the results of that analysis will be shared with everyone.

Through this collective process our goal is to find the best solution while building a consensus within the community. The idea is to unite us as a group and make a recommendation to the Oceanport Board of Education that is supported by everyone.