Getting Started

Welcome to the Oceanport School Project. Officially, we’re the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Oceanport Board of Education to Improve Our School Infrastructure, but since that’s way too long, we’ll go with the shorter of the two options. More to the point, we decided to call it the “Oceanport School Project” and not something such as … Continue reading “Getting Started”

Committee Structure

The Committee is comprised of three main groups: The Leadership Group,  The Working Group and The Advisory Group. The Leadership Group is comprised of Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Wible. Their role is to structure, organize and coordinate the overall Committee and will actively participate in both the Working and Advisory Groups. Mr. Carpenter will be … Continue reading “Committee Structure”

Committee Background

The Ad-Hoc Committee to Improve Our School Infrastructure was formed at the Oceanport Board of Education Meeting on May 25, 2016. The Committee was formed under the direction of the Oceanport Board of Education at the authority of Mr. William McVitty, President, Oceanport Board of Education. The Oceanport Board of Education choose to form this … Continue reading “Committee Background”